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Shredder v2

For this version of Shredder, I started with the same outline as the last one but wanted to give it some unique details. The base is Wonder Man with lower legs from Black Panther (feet modified). The Wonder Man forearms have been resculpted. All spike armor is from various old Shredder figures. The shoulder armor is connected by a flexible strip which is attached under the cape. It allows the arms to retain 100% range of motion and keeps the armor in place. The cape is from Batman. It has been modified around the neck and Wonder Man's shoulders and neck were modified to allow the cape to sit properly. The belt ties and lower part of the shirt is from the 2pk Elektra. The knot for the belt is actually connected to the lower part so that when the waist swivel is used, the knot stay with the ties. Wonder Man's head was trimmed down to accommodate the modfied helmet from the TMNT Movie Shredder. The removeable face mask (which reveals the scar on his face) was made out of Greenstuff so it had the appropriate flexibility/rigidity to allow it to snap onto the face and come off again without breaking. His weapon was made out of the TMNT Movie Shredder's weapon. The staff part was replaced with real stainless steel and the tassel was removed. After a fresh paint job, he was finished. Thanks for looking.
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