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For this figure, I decided to take two Fei Long figures, cut the shoulders/arms off of each and reassemble them to make one whole figure to have broader shoulders than the original (since Guy is much bigger than Fei Long). Next, I resculpted the entire torso to make it actually look like Guy instead of Fei Long wearing Guy's clothes. I cut off Fei Long's ankles and feet and replaced them with Anne O'Brien's. I then sculpted the ankle wraps, waist wraps, and the forearm wraps and gloves. I also took Fei long's hair off and sculpted Guy's from scratch. In order to give Guy his iconic hand pose, I cut off one of Fei Long's middle fingers and connected it to the Fei Long hand with just the index finger. He maintains all of Fei Long's original articulation except for the ankle swivel. After a fresh paint job, Guy was done. This isn't the best constructed description, but hopefully all the information comes across well enough. Thanks for looking!
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