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This Deadpool was made by adding the lower limbs of the Toybiz Deadpool to the Captain Marvel Body. I also shortened the neck, resculpted the forearms, and resculpted the shins. He has a Hasbro Deadpool head, a Bowen Deadpool head, and a modified Toybiz Deadpool head (all connected via magnets). His thigh holster is from the Hasbro Deadpool and has been modified to hold a larger gun. The harness is a modified Forge harness and can be removed. It also has shoulder pistols holsters added to it which can be moved around for posing. I also added sword holders to the back of it. The belt is a modified Hasbro Deadpool belt and was not connected to provide for greater range of motion for the hips. The seams on the suit are made from wire insulation. A fresh coat of paint finished him off. thanks for looking!
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