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This Deathstroke is an original design I came up with. His armor is beat up to give the impression he just got done fighting through an army of enemies. The base figure is a Figma Cobra. Every bit of armor was sculpted from scratch. Every scratch and dent in the armor is actually sculpted. The helmeted head was sculpted from scratch. The eye patch and facial hair were sculpted onto the base head. The base figure had poseable eyes so I removed the right eye (under the patch) and made a new socket for it to go into the newly sculpted helmet so both heads have poseable left eyes. The fronts of the face and helmet come off so you can position the eyes using pegs that are connected to them. He has 12 interchangeable hands all with uniquely sculpted armor. He comes with a katana, wakizashi, staff, rifle, 2 pistols, machine pistol, lighter, cigar, and a flight stand. The undersuit is solid black. The custom mixed blue was dry-brushed on top of black as was the custom orange. I went over the orange parts with a smoke/metallic wash to give them a pearlescent effect. Lastly, I went in and painted all of the battle damage. Check out the Youtube video for more info and a closer look. Check out my Facebook page for more pictures. Thanks for looking!
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