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Strider Hiryu

Strider was built using Ibuki legs and Fei Long arms. The hips and pelvis are from ML Gambit. The feet are from ML Angel. The "open" hands are from ML Hand Ninja. The feet, upper thighs, pelvis, waist, torso, and forearms were re-sculpted. The straps on the body were sculpted and the straps around the arms were made out of neoprene and swivel at the sculpted buckles. The neck is a figma neck that is seated in a sculpted ball socket which provides added range of motion for the head. The head is some He Man which as been trimmed and sculpted over. The hair was sculpted piece by piece to resemble the MvC3 iteration of the character. The belt is free floating and fully sculpted and has magnets in either side to allow it to hang properly by connected to magnets in the waist. There is also a magnet in the back of the belt so the long blade can connect to it. The back of the chest harness has a magnet in it so the the hook blade can connect to it. The scarf is made of wired ribbon. Both blades were made from scratch. A fresh paint job wrapped this guy up. For more information/details please watch the video (will be uploaded early 9-27-2013). Thanks for looking!
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