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Xbox 1 Cloaked Master Chief

The Master Chief was made to be auctioned off for the Child's Play Charity Auction. The auction will go live tonight so check back for the link. He was made using the Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Master Chief. I modified his back armor to match the look from the teaser trailer. The crack on his visor was replicated using a combination of black, silver, and white paint. His neck was lengthened just a tiny bit. The cloak was made using a fabric that matched the scale and look of the trailer as closely as possible. I dyed it with brown, green, and taupe dyes to get the right color then after assembling it (using my own templates) I weathered it. The hood is lined with wire so it can be made to look nice no matter how the head is posed and to help it lay down properly when not up. I also weathered his helmet some. I made the Cortana chip using polystyrene and a scaled down ball chain. The base was made using EPS foam that I sculpted and then coated with polyurethane to make it stronger and to give it the proper texture. The sand is diorama ballast mixed with glue to keep it in place and protect it. All of the base was dry-brushed with many different colors to bring it to life. Lastly, I set a fitting into the base so a clear acrylic display stand could be used for Chief just as an extra precaution against shelf-diving. Check out the video to see more. Thanks for looking!
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