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Play Arts Kai Deathstroke

Deathstroke was made out of the Variant Green Lantern. I added and resculpted Dante's holster's (and used his pistols). I resculpted the chest emblem to be just a piece of armor instead of the GL logo. The GL head got it's face resculpted and then got a helmet sculpted over it. The hands are from the H4 Master Chief as well as the rifle. The sword and staff holders were added to his back and a peg hole was drilled to hold the rifle. The sword is a repaint Hot Toys Storm Shadow sword with the blade's edge painted silver and the handle repainted completely. The metallic staff is polished aluminum and the black spike-tipped staff is actually two smaller staff that connect via magnets. I painted every single detail on this guy by hand. Check out the video (will be uploaded on Sunday) for more info. Thanks for looking!
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