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Modern Deadpool (1-19-2014)

This Deadpool was made on a Shield Agent body. The head is from the Hasbro Deadpool but the jaw and chin have been reshaped. The forearms and wrist were resculpted to have muscle detail and wrist straps. The harness is a combination of the Hasbro Deadpool harness, neoprene, and sculpting. It was made to overlap and tuck in at the front and back of the ab crunch to allow for full posability without having a gap or seam. I added a holster on his right thigh and a strap and pouch on his left. The belt has an array of pouches and has 2 magnets in it to hold the removable grenades. I added straps to the ankles and feet. The sword sheathes are from the Hasbro Deadpool. The seams on his suit are shaved wire insulation. I made the red on this version a bit brighter with the lowlights more subtle. Check out the upcoming video (Wednesday, January 22) for more details. Thanks for looking.
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