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Mr. Freeze

Freeze was built on the MS Colossus base figure. The entire upper torso was scratch sculpted aside from the hoses and dome. I added the rivets/bolts using neoprene and sculpted around them to make them look welded. The head is Colossus with everything being resculpted except for the nose and ears. The tank is a medicine vial with sculpted top, bottom, and strap. Inside it is died hand sanitizer and a stainless steel tube. The combination of those and the glass vial should never break down as plastic or other materials might. The gauntlets and belt buckle were sculpted to match the chest. The boot straps were sculpted and made of Sinister cape. I added some home made freeze grenades to his belt and a home made gun to his hand. To wrap him up a did a mixture of dry brushing (blue and purple) and some solid colors (black and gun metal). Check out the video tomorrow morning (1-23-2014) for more details. Thanks for looking!
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