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Magneto v3

This Magneto was made to resemble the 90s Jim Lee look. The base figure is DCUC Black Suit Superman. The lower arms and hands are from DCUC Specter with the wrists modified and new gloves sculpted. The belt and outside underwear are sculpted. The boots were sculpted. The helmet and cape are from the newest ML Magneto with the cape being modified to allow better range of motion for the arms. The face is the XMC Magneto with the eyes painted white with black around it. The red for the body and purple for the undies and neck are dry brushed over black. The collar, belt, gloves, boots, and helmet lining are painted with a high-luster pearlescent purple. The helmet is semi-gloss red with the little thing on the front painted metallic red. Check out the video for more information. Thanks for looking!
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