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Armored Deathstroke

This is an anime inspired Deathstroke meant to match the Armored Batman I made about a year ago. It features the SAS Warsman a the base figure. The majority of the armor is sculpted with some pieces coming from existing figures. The helmeted head was originally Captain America but I've resculpted most of it and given him an articulated 'bandanna.' The unhelmeted head was original Punisher but I've resculpted the eyebrow, facial hair, eye patch, and front half of his hair hair. The right wrist has a removeable piece of armor to allow for the connection of a grappling accessory similar to that from Arkham Origins. The forearms were modified to receive the wrist joint from an SHF Black Condor so I could use 8 of his interchangeable hands. As for paint, the main bodysuit is flat black with a majority of the armor being a very dark gunmetal. The rest of the armor features small bits of the iconic orange and blue and a little dark grey and silver to break up the darkness. All of the buckles and snaps are a silver/gold for some added color. That's enough of me rambling so check out the video when it publishes this Christmas (12/25/2014). Thanks for looking!
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