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My customer asked me to make a new version (like a Marvel Now redesign) of Tusk. He wanted it to still look like the original mostly but wanted a fresh take. I started with DCUC Kilowog and added straps for the gloves and boots and added a belt to match. The Lantern ring was removed and his right fingers were resculpted. I sculpted the shoulder pads and added flexible spikes so they would not break if they get bumped. The 'tusks' on his hand and back are all sculpted and reinforced with steel so they will not break either. I sculpted the fur, neck, and head from scratch. His little sidekick guy is now a sort of subspecies instead of a clone thingy. It was made using a MU Abomination by sculpting a new head, the fur, and the tusk. Of course, both figures got all new paint in a variety of finishes to help bring the figures to life. Check out the video for more information. Thanks for looking!
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