Anthony's Customs


Better Action Figures


Do you accept commissions?

Yes.  None of the figures you see on my site are available for sale.  They are all made to order.

What supplies do you use?

In terms of paint, I use mostly Testors and Citadel.  For sculpting, I use Aves Apoxie Sculpt & Fixit Sculpt, Super Sculpey, and Kneadatite's Green Stuff and Brown Stuff.

You can buy Aves products here: Aves Studio

You can buy all kinds of Sculpey here: Sculpey

How much do you charge for custom figures?

That depends on the job.  Each figure is priced based on the details and parts involved.  They are expensive though... the average is a few hundred dollars.  Email me and we'll figure out a price.

How do you ship your customs once they're finished?

I always ship via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance.

How many customs do you work on at a time?

That really depends on how good business is, but it's pretty common for around 5 projects to be on the work bench at a time.  Working on multiple figures keeps me from getting burnt out and helps to prevent the customizer's version of writer's block.

Do you ship internationally?

There are a few exceptions but, generally I do not.

How long does it take to finish a custom?

Once I start, each figure takes about a month.  There is a waiting list for about a year, though... unless I really like you or your idea for a figure.