Anthony's Customs


Better Action Figures



“This is just the best magneto representation I have ever seen. You really have outdone yourself. I am selling the infinite legends magneto as I type, it’s just so pathetic standing near yours. It has really been a great pleasure doing business with you, and I hope to work with you again. Below is my testimony for your site, and I will deff be contacting you again in the future for another custom. Thank you so much for making this for me have wanted this since you posted your fist Magneto custom!”  


“Hey I just received Thanos today, and you did an amazing job on this. You gotten rid of his leprosy face and derp eye. The gold and yellow really pops on him. You can even clearly make out the sculpting in his costume now because of the matte finish.  This work is really clean and even looks better than the Thanos they had on display at SDCC. Thanks again for helping me out with this! Looking forward to seeing your upcoming works.”  -  Azrael

Armored Deathstroke

“First off, I just want to say DAMN! I'm a returning customer of Anthony's & to say he's outdone himself on this Deathstroke would be the grandest of understatements. The detailing & subtle nuances that he puts into the construction of a 6 inch figure are absolutely outstanding. I also really appreciate the grappling hook he added was more than a pleasant surprise. Not to mention the articulated head tie (that he told me he wouldn't do lol). The original sculpting, the clean paintwork, flawless mix of orange, blue, black & gunmetal makes Slade pop but also look like the menacing assassin he is. Happy to have this one of a kind piece of artwork from the best in the business hands down! Thank you friend, Christmas was awesome.”  -  Jermaine

Concept Nightwing

“The creativity and craftsmanship of Anthony's figures is mind blowing. The amount of careful detail he puts into each figure is incredible you can really tell from his work that he is passionate about each figure he makes and at the same time still always considers what the customer wants. His paints are skillfully done and occasionally can think of a genius idea that really works with the figure he is doing. Any customer is lucky to have his work done and the end result is always worth it. This is what action figures SHOULD look like. Great work, Anthony and thanks!”  -  Michael


“Anthony does it again. Elisa Maza is a gorgeous custom that goes above and beyond my expectations. Anthony doesn't cut corners and even throws in additional details that I wouldn't think to ask for all to make his customs pop. A true perfectionist, Anthony holds his work to the same standards that he holds professional toy companies; which is a good thing for any client that commissions him.”  -  Greg


“I don't know how he does it, but Anthony took a crappy WWE figure and transformed it into one of my favorite childhood villains, Mr. David Xanatos himself. The paintwork is spot on, and the head sculpt is original, and looks just like the character came out of the TV as a three-dimensional figure. I can't thank him enough, and I look forward to more customs in the near and far future.”  -  Greg


“Anthony is a talented custom action figure maker and a top flight professional artist. My request was a little bizarre in that I needed to repair a prototype Marvel Legends figure that I had recently purchased. This item is very rare and it took me years to finally acquire one, but the condition that the figure was in was not acceptable.  After sharing a few pictures, Anthony walked me through the process and the options available to me. Anthony communicated with me extremely well, checking in often about the specifics of what I wanted. Throughout the entire affair, Anthony was courteous, professional, and accommodating. Anthony went beyond restoring my figure; he surpassed my expectations enhancing greatly the look of my figure and its value should I decide to sell it. I would do business with Anthony again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend his skills as a custom action figure designer!”

Figma Hawkeye

"I had been watching Anthony's channel on YouTube for sometime and had been on a wait list for a while, but, it was absolutely worth it. The paint job on the figure is amazing with the line work on the hands, neck, and face so neat that it looks almost impossible. The sculpt work on the figure is extremely detailed. The videos and pictures don't do this figure any justice what so ever because I was blown away at the first images I saw, but, once the figure arrived and I got to hold it for the first time it felt like I was holding a piece of art. Anthony is super talented and puts a lot of time into his work but it's his creativity that really sets him apart. I was expecting a reused quiver from some other figure and the "look" of him drawing his bow but I didn't expect what Anthony did with the hook and custom quiver with the magnet in it. That was brilliant! It's details like that that make these more than just a custom figure. He was still able to keep the integrity of the figure (even the eyes still move) while still making a figure that looks completely different. I'm more than just happy to own this, but, I'm proud to display it on my shelf. Thanks, man."  -  Stefan


“Before my Birthday my mother worked with you to create a custom Deadpool figure from the Deadpool/Cable series of comics.  Today I finally got my hands on the figure for the first time and I just wanted to let you know it's impressive.  I watched the video review you did of it on youtube but I have to say the camera doesn't do your work justice.

I notice the small things, like the hand panting on the weapon accessories and the swords/knife.  That you were able to match the figure so closely to the image I selected blows me away.  Thanks for your hard work and the obvious care you put into this figure.  I have shown it to a couple of my friends and they're itching to get one of their favorite characters designed by you as well.

This was a great Birthday present and I'm thrilled to have a figure of my favorite character that not only is superbly made, but one of a kind.  Thanks, man.”  -  Jarrod

Dark Samus

“Anthony is an artist of customs. I asked him to do a repaint on a bum Samus Figma to make it look like Dark Samus from the Metroid Prime games and I have to say the job he did was amazing. He made sure that it was the way I wanted it to look. He told me all the ideas he wanted to do and asked what I thought of them. I said yes to all of them because they are all great ideas.  If you have an idea for a custom, Anthony is your man.  I'm am going to have him do another custom when I think of something but when I do I want him to do it.  He's that good.”  -  Aaron


“Being a big Uncanny X-Force fan and a collector of Marvel Legends, assembling and displaying the team on my shelf was a no brainer. That being said, I just didn't like that Fantomex was the only one in white. Then one day while looking at some of Anthony's videos on YouTube (where I first came across him), I came across his custom Fantomex that he had made for somebody else. Right then, I knew I had to have one for myself.
It took me a while to strike up the nerve to e-mail Anthony as I had my reservations about what the price would be and, sure enough, his estimate was up there. After a bit of deliberation, I decided that if I was gonna have this re-paint done, Anthony had to be the guy. The quality of the figures he produces are top notch and there was nobody else I felt could produce what I wanted with that high quality craftsmanship. I believed it before I contacted Anthony and even more so after. The figure came out great. Absolutely great paintwork all around. From the outfit, to fixing his eyes, and even his guns, all his painting just came out great. I can see he put a lot of time and effort into it and I am greatly appreciative of it. The replacing of those awful hands the figure originally had was also a big plus. He can now hold his guns properly. Thanks to Anthony, my X-Force display is finally to my liking, with this Fantomex being the jewel of the bunch in my eyes. Needless to say, I don't regret my purchase whatsoever and I'll definitely look to Anthony for future commissions.” 
-  Samuel


“The black paint job is AMAZING. The small blue paints really pop with some good lighting, and the hair, hands, and weapons have all received a great treatment. This figure comes with an INSANE amount of accessories!! It features a total of 6 different hands, a different set of weapons with blue fire effects. I enjoy this figure a lot. It was carefully packaged and checking all the movable joints and none of the joints were stuck at all.This figure is amazing and I would give it a 10/10. Awesome figure I highly recommend Anthony's Customs to anybody.”  -  Alex

Mr. Freeze

“Well I can honestly say that based the reference image I sent him in the beginning, and the hard work that Anthony did, my Mr. Freeze custom was probably not one of the easiest that he has made. considering the dome, the size, the gun, the tank on the back, I wasn't so sure if he would even be up for it. but I must say that through the whole process,(and to make an x-men reference ) Anthony from Anthony's customs is the absolute best there is at doing what he does. Anthony is so considerate In taking your ideas, working with you on elements of the figure, and coming up with amazing things that I never would have even thought of! such as the glass vial with blue hand sanitizer; its absolutely genius and there is no doubt that these figures that he makes truly are art. If anyone is thinking they'd like to have a custom figure, of a character that we never got, or just a better version of a character that they enjoy, don't give it a second thought, go strait to Anthony's customs. Anthony is the first and only guy that I will purchase custom figures from, because I certainly will commission another down the road! Thank you Anthony, I have my custom Mr. Freeze proudly displayed on my Batman shelf, and every time I look at it, I have to remind myself that its a custom, because it looks so professionally made. Its incredible work, worth every penny, and I couldn't be more happy with it.”  -  Kenny

Modern Deadpool

“Before my Birthday my mother worked with you to create a custom Deadpool figure from the Deadpool/Cable series of comics.  Today I finally got my hands on the figure for the first time and I just wanted to let you know it's impressive.  I watched the video review you did of it on youtube but I have to say the camera doesn't do your work justice.

I notice the small things, like the hand panting on the weapon accessories and the swords/knife.  That you were able to match the figure so closely to the image I selected blows me away.  Thanks for your hard work and the obvious care you put into this figure.  I have shown it to a couple of my friends and they're itching to get one of their favorite characters designed by you as well.

This was a great Birthday present and I'm thrilled to have a figure of my favorite character that not only is superbly made, but one of a kind.  Thanks, man.”  -  Jarrod

PAK Batman and Robin

"I have worked with Anthony's Customs for a while now, and I can confidently say that the experience has been priceless.  Anthony's professionalism demonstrates that he cares about what he is doing.  It also demonstrates that he takes pride in himself and believes in what he is doing.  His professionalism encompasses everything that you could possibly want in an action figure customizer as well as a general business person.  As for the figures themselves, I am once again put in awe at his immaculate and superior work.  Words are not enough to express the truly remarkable quality that is Anthony's work.  The figures ALWAYS come out seemingly factory-made.  These two PAK customs are no exception.  Excellent work as always, Anthony.  I am proud to have you as my go-to customizer.  Looking forward to the next project!"  -  Chipunkas

X-Force Deadpool (12-12-2013)

“Was on the waiting list (think of it as a figure-customizing night club or something) for a few months, hanging out in the on-deck circle when it finally came for my turn to bat. I wanted to get an X-Force Deadpool to my specific liking. And it didn't disappoint. Wade Wilson turned out wicked cool. Anthony & I jabbed some ideas back & forth - which I’d recommend even if you crave for one of his past pieces. He has new ideas/wrinkles up his sleeve that he wants to try if given the opportunity. This tells me he strives to remain creatively fresh and make each individual piece unique. He's quite the stickler for details (watch a review of his), but that carries over into his actual work. All to our benefit.It’s good stuff. From the use of magnets for alternate heads, painted weapons and the durability of the joint areas (a custom's Achilles' Heel). Highly recommended stuff.”  -  Nobu

PAK Variant Deathstroke

“This would be my fifth custom from Anthony's Customs and they keep getting better each time. I had an idea about using a Play Arts Kai figure to make a custom Deathstroke and Anthony made it happen in a big way. Anthony really keeps you in the loop when building your figure and makes you feel like your his only customer. I know he went all out on this Deathstroke from the head sculpt to the custom paint job it's amazing! Although we've never met in person I feel like I've known Anthony for a long time, it must just be the way he goes about dealing with his customers. I don't throw my money around lightly and this guy gives you the most bang for your buck and he's worth the wait! Give him a chance to work on your dream figure you won't regret it, in fact we are working on a new one now lol!”  -  Rob

Red Hood (Under the Red Hood Animated Film)

“By far the best custom figure artist out there!

I found out about Anthony's customs through extensive YouTube research. Immediately I was  wowed by his immaculate craftsmanship and the overall high quality of this work. I was impressed by his spot on knowledge of the characters as well as his broad understanding of different manufactured figures. This guy knows his shit, and is by far the best custom figure artist out there!

When I ordered my "Red Hood" figure I knew my request was very different from many of the previous Red Hoods he'd made in the past. He gave great customer service and consistent communication throughout the process. He totally locked into what I wanted and made MY vision of my favorite DC character come to fruition. This figure surpasses all my expectations. I knew it would do a good job but this shit is fucking incredible! I could not be more pleased with my custom figure. I have absolutely no complaints about my figure or the quality of service I received from Anthony's Customs. I will be ordering again!”
  -  Jermaine

Nobu Assassin

 “I love the accuracy and details of the figure. First the quality of this figure is top notch part of the quality comes from the incredible amount of detail that was put into the figures design. Also the figure was improved in the articulation points of the figure. This results in an almost endless amount of possibilities when it comes to posing the figure. Another complement about the quality is the amount of detail on the figure. For example, the designs on the small parts like the weapons and hands are also impeccable.  Anthony will work with you and exchange emails on coming up with a great idea for the design of your dream figure. All I can say is that I’m a very happy person when it finally showed up at my residence.”  -  Alexander


“I have been a fan of Anthony's Customs for a long time and was very excited when he agreed to accept my commission for my original character the Wrath. The process in creating the figure was very interesting and educational as Anthony and I discussed design options for the figure, I'm very thankful for his knowledge in the dynamics of figure building as he was able to explain to me what elements of my original design would hamper the figure how he was able to come up with alternatives that kept true to my creative vision of the character but would allow for him to retain the most optimum articulation possible.


I cannot express how happy I am over the final version that I have of my character and how nice it is to have this lifelong dream of having an action figure based on one of my own creations realized. The paint apps and sculpting on the Wrath are incredible. Everything about him is spot on and he is an incredible piece of art.

Thanks again, Anthony.”  -  Brad

Red Hood

“All I can say is he does some amazing work.  He works fast but the figures are well-made and he is a great person… easy to talk to.  Anything you want made, anything you can think of, I'm sure he can make.  You won't go wrong with Anthony.  When I got my Red Hood figure I can honestly say I was speechless.  Thanks again bro.”  -  Oliver

Deadpool (10-18-13)

So I’ve always been a marvel fan and decided I want to start a collection of my favorite super heroes. Deadpool was always my favorite, and like many other things I like not too known and popular. I liked some of the commercial figures but none of them had "everything" that I desired in my favorite hero. So I checked out YouTube and saw the armory Deadpool video from Anthonys Customs, my jaw dropped and banged on the floor and I instantly fell in love. I contacted Anthony probably 10 minutes after via email and he got back to me very quickly. At the time
He was busy with other projects and asked me if I was willing to give him a little time which I had no problem with. A small wait later we discussed details, challenges, expectations, etc in a very professional but laid back and comfortable manner. When Anthony got to work I received progress pictures and updates, and I want to say, Anthony is really knowledgeable about his craft and will certainly bring some really good ideas you probably haven’t thought of to the table, much like a tattoo artist, so definitely ask for his input or feelings towards your figure but don't forget, this is what he does. For what I wanted in my Deadpool, the entire process from start to finish took two weeks, which was really fast in my opinion. Pictures and a YouTube review of my figure was made, which was awesome! Shipping took about 3 days, again super quick, and he was on top of it all the way, telling me the tracking numbers, texting me the day of arrival to make sure it was complete, intact, and to my standards, and it far surpassed my expectations. The packing was so meticulously done, the figure was just about bullet proof in there so certainly no worries there. The figure in hand was absolutely a beauty to behold, pictures and videos didn’t do him justice. The paint job was beautiful and very detailed, and I paint miniatures as a hobby so I know it’s not just amateur work. My figure was not loose or chipped or wobbly and he was all totally functional. Seriously perfect in every way.


Sorry for the long email but basically, if you’re considering getting a piece done by Anthony, just talk to him and do it. You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. He’s with you on EVERY single small detail. I personally will only get customs from Anthony and will be doing much more business with him... even my wife wants a custom now : ). The entire experience was fun, professional, and exciting, and I couldn't imagine a way to make it better. I can’t wait to get my next one!”  -  Justin

Strider Hiryu

“I asked Anthony to make the best Strider Hiryu custom ever made and he did not disappoint. The sculpt, likeness, articulation, accessories…everything is on point. Planning for the figure went very smoothly because Anthony is very knowledgeable of figures that can be use for any custom.  I am very pleased of how the final product came up.  I highly recommend Anthony's Customs... and yes they are indeed...BETTER action figures.”  -  Franco


“Anthony breaks in the fall season strong with Apocalypse. He stands up in perfect scale with Sinister and other ML figures, so that the goal of having a "normal" sized Apocalypse can be realized considering that the ML regular one looks more like a villain who has eaten too many hot dogs. The tubes look great, and are a nice throwback of nostalgia to the 10" from the 90s X-Men cartoon. Then there's the interchangeable weapons for his hands, a gun and a saw, made possible with magnets. Magnets, always with the magnets this guy. His paint is fantastic, his sculpt and custom parts are done very well, what more can really be said? We're nearing the 20 mark for customs and I have no intention of slowing down after. How can anyone commission anyone else for these figures? Anthony, lunatic that he is, always does it right, and now only the strong customs survive on my top shelf.”  -  Hal

Scarlet Spider v4

 “This was my first custom figure and Anthony did an excellent job at listening to the many small details I requested and executed them perfectly! The quality and craftsmanship of his work is spot-on and his attention to every detail is unparalleled! All of my questions were answered and he keeps in touch during the entire process to ensure that I was always in the loop. He takes pride in his work and it definitely shows through the finished product. I am very happy with the end result and I now have THE PERFECT Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider to add to my Spider-Man collection. Looking through his impressive gallery I can only imagine how much better the figures look in person! Thanks again Anthony, keep up the great work!!”  -  John


“From order to delivery, Anthony's Customs consistently produces an extremely high quality product. The attention to detail is always impressive. The quality of craftsmanship is second to none, it's almost more art than action figure. I'm already thinking of my next custom idea to throw his way. Thanks a million Anthony. You never disappoint.”  -  Darren


“This is my fifth custom now from Anthony's Customs and they seem to get better every time. The war zone Deathstroke started out as me just wanting a classic Deathstroke figure. Anthony said trust me and I did. Next thing you know and I've got in my opinion the best custom figure out there today. The level of sculpting work on this figure is off the charts and the movable eye thing is just crazy cool! I've said it before and I'll say it again Anthony is not just the best but also the most professional guy in the business. His customs are so worth the wait! Do yourself a favor and invest in one of Anthony's figures, you won’t regret it!”  -  Rob

Lady Punisher

“My Lady Punisher is the first ever custom figure I have ever commissioned and all I can say is Wow! I have watch many of Anthony's custom figures and thought they were first rate on the video, but when my figure actually arrived in the mail I was completely blown away. Sitting next to my factory legend Punishers you cannot tell this was a custom. The paint work is actually better than the factory. The attention to detail is amazing. The accessories are amazing. Everything fits and works perfectly.
    If you have been thinking of getting your own custom figure created Anthony's Customs is the only place you need to contact. You will not be disappointed.” 
-  Josh

Multiple Man

 “What's better than one custom figure of everyone's favorite self-multiplier? Three custom figures of everyone's favorite self-multiplier. The latest custom I picked up from Anthony is none other than 3 wonderful and different renditions of Jamie Madrox, Marvel's Multiple Man. We decided to go classic 90s X-Factor look, back before Madrox toned things down to become a detective. This is glory days Multiple Man, the days when he would explode an enemy from the inside out by spawning a duplicate inside them. The Multiple Man we saw piling on top of Wolverine in the 90s cartoon. Anthony delivers three different interchangeable faces, all achieved with magnets. Always with the magnets, this guy. I find it humorous that he felt the need to give one a knife and the other a gun, as I don't believe I ever saw Madrox use proper weapons, at least not on a regular basis. The twist is that it works very well here, as Madrox was always the humorous member of X-Factor, so let's run with it. As always, the paint looks really good. We did run into a confusing issue with the design of his suit under the coat, as Madrox has had way too many designs, but I think this one came out well. The three fit in perfectly with Quicksilver, Forge, and the custom Havok Anthony conjured recently. Random is coming soon to join his fellow X-Factor cats, and after that, only a matter of time before I convince this sorceror to put Wolfsbane together to round out the best incarnation of X-Factor figures to stand on the shelf. Ant, thanks again.”  -  Hal

Noob Saibot

“Noob is the second custom i have received from Anthony. My first was Weapon X Deadpool. I am grateful that Anthony made both of these customs for me, but i got to say he went above and beyond on my Noob custom. First of all right off the bat you see the amazing sculpt work and attention to detail he put into this custom. His paint apps are completely bad to the bone, especially how Anthony was able to use different paints to give Noob's clothing depth. I love how Anthony was able to take the design of the character and modify it to make it his own. The creativity and passion that Anthony puts into his customs put his above all the rest, and it the reason i am going to continue to purchase commissions from him. Super happy to have received this custom and I look forward to working with Anthony customs in the future. Thanks Bro!”  -  Dan


"I requested a Deadpool style SHIELD agent character and boy Anthony sure did accommodate our concept character. KILLSTRIKE is the ying to STEALTH's yang, complementing her as a male ninja style agent. You know the rest of your Marvel Legends figure better find cover when your custom sports a bazooka! "   -  Mark


"Anthony once again brought my request for an original custom character kicking, punching and ninja chopping to life! My second custom character is called STEALTH, she's a ninja type SHIELD agent and she comes ready to do battle with an array of guns and swords! Can’t wait to have the full team!"  -  Mark


 "Exceptional work my friend!  I was definitely looking forward to the end result on this guy and you certainly didn't disappoint.  I really like your methods with the gun/knife hands, and the attention to the little things such as the shield straps.  Your photography is great but really doesn't do this figure justice.  You've elevated yourself to one of the best customizers in the world! Looking forward to my 5th commission!  Thank you"  -  Lance

90s Havok

“We kick back into Marvel gear with a standing ovation as Anthony dominates the superior Summers brother. Forget Vulcan, forget Scott. Havok comes to life in Legends style with his iconic 90s look. I don't know what I like better, the badass blank eyes, the windswept hair, or the magnet hands that trick on his power effect. The paint looks great, despite his griping about yellow as always. No Cyclops figure ever made holds a candle to this one and only by Anthony. This one definitely has that something special, that X-Factor that he puts into every figure he makes. And this one was a long time in coming and very well worth the wait. He fits in perfectly with my Quicksilver, Strong Guy, and Forge as my 90s team continues to build. Thanks again as always Anthony, and keep them coming. The mutants need you so they can stand proud on my shelf!”  -  Hal

Red Hood (Brown Jacket)

 “Wow! Wow, is just about the only way I can start this testimony. This custom Red Hood is quite possibly the best figure I own out of my DCUC or marvel legend collection. It's by far, my favorite i own now. The paint is absolutely spot on. All the detail is just how i wanted it. The holsters on his legs are perfect, and the knife mounted on his back is just great added bonus I wanted. He even threw in extra accessories and he didn't have to. Oh, and the accessories were also painted with detail BTW. When i first saw pictures of this figure before i actually got it, i didn't think it could get much better. Boy, was I wrong, It look so much better in hand! Anthony truthfully did an amazing job on my figure! Anthony was great with communication and patience as well. Giving me updates when needed. This figure is the highlight of my collection. I already know where my next custom is coming from. If you want a figure done your way, go to Anthony to have it done. You won't be disappointed, I promise.”  -  Anthony C.

Deadpool (Slim Version)

 “I am a returning customer to Anthony's Customs. I am the proud owner of the Deadpool 2 pack version 3 Red Hood and now the all new body style Deadpool. In my opinion this version of Deadpool is the best custom figure of him to date. I was blown away when I saw the first pictures of him Anthony sent me. I'm a big fan of comic book cover art and this Deadpool is like looking at the comic itself. The pose-ability is second to none. I truly love this figure! Dealing with Anthony now for the third time and it gets better every time. He will bend over backwards to make your figure just the way you want it. Thanks for everything Anthony and I'm sure this won’t be my last figure! Thanks.”  -  Rob


 "I received my Custom action figure from Anthony of an original character we decided to call Frontline. He looked even better in plastic than the Youtube video and photos Anthony sent me which were awesome in their own right. When I got FRONTLINE I couldnt believe how good he was. The sheer imagination put into the concept of the character was so clear to see. Anthony did such a great job making the figure look completely fresh.  Anthony really went out and out to give my figure a ton of weapons accessories and a top paint job! my custom looks so professional! Anthony even went as far as to ship internationally, as I live in the UK, and had seen his work via Youtube. I put in an order for a second custom as soon as I saw my first one, and I keep getting ideas for customs that I want Anthony to make! Keep up the great work!" - Mark


 “I just received my Macbeth figure in the mail, and this piece is even more amazing in person than in photos. The pictures don't do it justice, of course they don't do my previous commissions, Hunter and Demona justice either. Anthony's perfectionism and attention to detail once again pays off, nothing on this figure is half-assed, and if it could be transferred from the original character model, it was. Worthy of "Gargoyles", worthy of Shakespeare. This is my third "Gargoyles" custom from Anthony, and as long as he's willing to keep making them then we're just getting started. I can't wait to commission the next one.”  -  Greg

Hunter (Robyn Canmore)

“When I received Hunter in hand, my first thought was "this cannot be a custom" even though I saw photos of her throughout the process. She looked and felt so authentic, that had I not seen or heard of Anthony's Customs, and someone showed me this and said "this is real" I might almost be fooled. Spectacular work, Anthony. Looking forward to commissioning more.”  - Greg

Last Stand Spider-Man

“Last Stand Spider-Man is the second custom figure I have commissioned from Anthony.  The first was Skullomania, and I was astounded by how smooth, detailed, and beautifully crafted it was.  So I knew that if I came back to Anthony for another custom, it would have to be for something truly special, and man did he deliver.  His rendition of Last Stand Spidey is both sleek and dynamic.  He's incredible, one of the most perfect custom figures I have ever seen.  It is baffling how sharp and smooth Anthony's paint application is; it is the highest of professional quality.  I do not hesitate to say that it is one of the greatest custom figures I have ever seen, and it is my privilege to own it.  If I ever need another custom action figure, Anthony is who I am going to.”  -  Hicham


 “Turn the beat back. Cody has finally crashed all the way through the streets of Metro City and by the skills of Anthony onto my shelf of customs, joining Guy at long last. The classic Capcom fighter looks amazing. As much as Anthony hates painting white, you'd never be able to tell. The coloring is spectacular. His face is plain but tough as only Cody's should, his blue eyes empty and devoid of emotion, true to the character. The cuffs and the shoes are indeed very realistic and offer wonderful attention to detail. He fits well with the others in terms of size and the fact that he is almost 100% custom boggles my mind. Ant sculpted nearly the entire thing. He was worried about the sleeves turning out bad but I see them and I think they look great. There is only one thing missing: Cody's signature knife. Not that it matters. This figure was done so well he stands out as one of my personal favorites. I can only wonder who's next from Street Fighter. Or maybe even Haggar to round out the Final Fight crew. Ant, you Ruffian Kick'ed this custom's ass and I look forward to Havok. I hope this dude doesn't start fights with the other customs, I'd hate to walk in and see him executing a Final Destruction on Earthworm Jim. Thanks again!”  -  Hal

Vegeta and Piccolo

“I'm a first time customer of anthonyscustoms. I collect dbz s.h. Figuarts and I notice his work in a neo namekian custom I saw on his YouTube so I emailed him to see if he could paint my piccolo to match the anime. I got a quick response and he did such an amazing job I wanted him to do another custom for me which was to paint super Saiyan Vegeta’s hair black.  Today I just received both figures and he did a PERFECT paint job.  Incredible customs. I am a first time customer and you can trust him with your custom. Your figure is in good hands.  You'll receive an amazing one of a kind figure... I loved how my 2 figures came out that I'm gonna be doing business again at anthonyscustoms within a month for another figure and accessory parts as well.... He wants to make sure you like what he did which you will because he takes what he does serious and KNOWS what he's doing so if you want a custom, anthonyscustoms is the place to go to customize your figures. I'm telling you… no need to think twice about it just look at his YouTube videos of his previous customs including mine and you'll be amazed... Thanks for the awesome one of kind figures you customized for me.  Awesome work.  Thanks”  -  Sean



 "Having started up collecting the Dragon Ball Z Kai S.H. Figuarts figures, I just had to have one that was unique and exclusive to my collection. The only way for me to do that was to have an S.H. Figuarts figure customized. There was no one better for the job than Anthony (there is no one better for any custom than Anthony). Anthony did not back down from this project despite the difficulty presented with customizing such a highly detailed figure as an S.H. Figuarts one. On the contrary, Anthony was excited to take on something new. As always, Anthony maintained his excellent display of professionalism throughout the whole process. I was always given updates and was included in every aspect of the creation if this figure. The end result was yet again, beyond expectations. Anthony never does cease to amaze me with his superb work. Thanks Anthony! I cannot wait to work with you again! Always looking forward to the next one!" - Chipunka

Weapon X Deadpool

 “I myself am an action figure customizer and artist, and I wanted to show my support for a fellow customizer. So when I was trying to figure out what customizer I wanted to support I stumbled upon Anthony's Customs website. After watching Anthony's figure reviews I was really impressed with his passion for action figures in general. His videos have a great way of almost teaching fellow collectors and customizers what we should be expecting from our toy manufactures. After reviewing Anthony's previous customs and his video reviews, I knew there would be no one better to support. Having all of the manufactured Deadpools, I wanted something new and different and since there has never been a manufactured Weapon X Deadpool I knew it would be a great choice. After talking with Anthony about mine and his ideas for the figure, I knew it was going to turn out great. Once I saw the figure completely finished I was blown away! It was better than great. His attention to details and his professionalism was mind boggling. He took our concept and made it into a personal piece of artwork. He went above and beyond my expectations. If you are thinking of commissioning a custom, you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend Anthony's Customs to anyone who enjoys high quality figures that are one of a kind. Thanks again Anthony for your time and your personal touch to my custom. Best regards!”  -   Dan.


 “There is nothing that this kind of professional, kind of awesome, kind of funny son of a gun can't do. Guy marks two things: The good doctor of custom and I have been doing business for one year of pure epicness, and Guy is our first venture into the Street Fighter world, but he certainly doesn't look like a first. I wouldn't be surprised if Anthony revealed that he's been doing Guy customs for years. He made Guy out of a completely unrecognizable Fei Long. I was at first worried about the face, but of course, this dude doesn't disappoint. Ever. The coloring is the first thing that stands out on the 39th master of Bushin Ryu. Phenomenal and brilliant. Instantly captivating with the sharp contrast of Guy's signature red and yellow. After that, the hair. We discussed the issue with Guy's hair a bit and now that I see him in person I think to myself "There was an issue"???? His hair juts out just the right way, as only Guy's should. And then the details. From his gloves and arm wraps, to the signature Guy sneakers, and of course his kanji, I'd swear this figure was done by SOTA themselves. I'm loving the sharpness and glory of the sneakers, the paint is beautiful, the symbol commanding attention. His wraps are wonderfully done, very believable. And then the kanji. Anthony doubted whether he should do it, not thinking it would come out well or look convincing. Shut up. We all know you're the king of custom. And you did the kanji in five minutes. Look how awesome it turned out. Guy now stands proudly on the shelf of video game characters, just waiting to be joined by Cody, who I am very excited for. Thanks again bra!”  -  Hal

Deadpool 2 Pack

 “To everyone out there I am the proud owner of the first Deadpool 2 pack! And man what a two pack it is! The detail on the marvel legends Deadpool is just off the charts, and to think Anthony reproduced it on the marvel universe Deadpool "just incredible". Anthony is very professional in his process of making you a custom figure, sends emails and pictures and keeps you very up to date on your figure. So go throw some money at Anthony and get him to make your dream figure well worth the money. Thanks again Anthony!” - Rob

Deadpool (Original Design)

 “Let me start by saying that I am a huge Deadpool fan. He is easily my favorite comic book character and because of this I was on the search for a Deadpool action figure. Everything I had found online looked alright in terms detail and articulation, but I was looking for something more detailed and more articulated. It was from this that I stumbled across Anthony's Customs. Looking through his portfolio of figures I have to say I was amazed by his work. More than that, he seemed to have exactly what I was looking for in a Deadpool figure. I hated to have to contact him about commissioning yet another Deadpool figure, but I just couldn't resist. He happily obliged and asked for my input on the figure which was very much appreciated. My requirements were light: standard red-and-black Deadpool, good articulation, and that little extra detail of making sure a "hood bump" was on his mask (read the comics and you'll see what I mean). Anthony got to work immediately and kept me updated on the whole process with pictures and everything. He looked for my input every now and then but I primarily left him to craft the figure as he saw fit (I was looking to have some surprise in the finished product). Surprise doesn't even cover my reaction to the final pictures of the finished Deadpool. Anthony had gone above and beyond even my wildest expectations of what I hoped the figure would look like. The hooded face? Absolutely amazing. The body? Truly a work of art with the shading and detail work he did on the straps. He even included an extra head with amazing little details on Deadpool's extreme scarring, giving it that little something extra that even I didn't expect. To add on to his already amazing work he included two assault rifles, two katanas, a pistol, and a knife. Apart from the assault rifles all the other weapons had their own holster/harness on Deadpool's straps. This absolute attention to detail just made me feel that kid at heart want to leap out in joy (and really, I kinda did that anyway when the figure came in the mail and I got to unwrap it). If you are even somewhat considering getting a figure through Anthony, don't hesitate. His work is the best I've ever seen and he truly has a talent for it. I will definitely be contacting him again in the near future for more work because he is just THAT good.”  -  Ken

Hogun, Volstagg, and Fandral

 So, the set has finally been completed. A set of three figures, in the image of three characters, three warriors. One grim. One dashing. And one voluminous. A few months ago, Anthony completed work on my favorite member of the Warriors Three, Hogun. And he was glorious. A true image of the grim one, looking like he's about to kill a Frost Giant. Everything looks exactly as it should, right down to the horns which he actually struggled with. Not that you would be able to tell. Hogun looks stunningly right up there on my shelf, and he's only the beginning. 10/10. Not long after, I gave up my BAF Blob for Anthony to use for Volstagg. Looking at him now, I honestly cannot tell he used to be Fred Dukes. This guy is amazing. A wizard, perhaps? Volstagg is a chubby, lighthearted, pink rendering of everyone's favorite humorous Asgardian. And what Volstagg would be complete without a badass sword in one hand, and a giant chicken leg in the other? 10/10. Yesterday Anthony handed me the final piece of the trio. The dashing hero Fandral. Slim. Suave. Bold. And no, he's not Green Arrow. This adventure seeking, woman swooning, sword swinging Asgardian is just as he should be, looking every bit the part as his comrades. And if memory serves, he took the shortest amount of time, and still scores another perfect 10. Cheers to you Anthony. The first round of Asgardian mead is on me!”  -  Hal


 “Simply amazing!  You've done it once again Anthony!  Cable turned out exactly how I pictured.  You really took the ball and ran with it my friend.  Truly expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.  You really made all the parts fit together seamlessly.  Flawless!  Thank you again!"  -  Lance

Lady Deadpool

 "My absolute favorite figure that Anthony has made thus far. What can I say about Anthony's work that has not been said or expressed already? Anthony has proven countless times that his level of skill, dedication, and craftsmanship is beyond that of almost every other customizer in the custom Marvel Legends community. This Lady Deadpool has literally been ripped right out the pages. The head sculpt is truly a complete masterful work of art. That just blew me away. It completely compliments and accentuates the figure in every way. The figure is perfect. I cannot thank Anthony enough for the work he has done. The best I can do is to keep coming back for more. I highly recommend Anthony's Customs to anyone looking for a custom figure to be made. Anthony's level of skill and craftsmanship is worth every single penny. You will never be disappointed and you will want to go back for more. That is my guarantee. Thanks Anthony! One cannot simply learn how to do the level of work or expertise you do and have: one has to be born with it!"     - Chipunka


 "This figure is in no way a simple repaint. Anthony went above and beyond with the execution of this figure. He went the extra mile that Hasbro so lazily ignored. While Fantomex''s colors on this custom are not comic-accurate, I needed to have this X-Force member's costume colors match the other Uncanny X-Force members I commissioned. The extra details Anthony included in this figure are meticulous and immaculate. Having the zig-zag lining continue on his back despite being covered by the jacket, is stupendous. The simplest modification to this figure is also the biggest improvement over the original released figure: the hand swap. Anthony utilized the Hasbro two-pack Nick Fury hands for this and it is such a tremendous change. Now, Fantomex actually holds the pistols properly! Take note, lazy Hasbro. Anthony even reversed Fantomex's holsters so that his pistols fit facing in the proper direction! Thank you so much Anthony! This Fantomex is truly a massive improvement over the original!"     - Chipunka

Prelude to Planet Hulk

"Once again, Anthony does an incredible job bringing a comic book character to figure form. This Prelude to Planet Hulk figure captures the comic art's likeness so well! This is definitely a unique Hulk. The particular green paint that Anthony chose to use on this Hulk is just perfect. Anthony never ceases to amaze with his every bit of attention to detail, and this Hulk is definitely no exception. Working with Anthony on Hulk's details (and every other figure, at that) has been such a pleasure and a most rewarding experience. The level of professionalism he displays when discussing commission details is more than business appropriate and is very refreshing. I still cannot express my gratitude for discovering Anthony and his work. Commission Anthony for a custom, and you will never be disappointed. His work is worth every penny. Thanks!"     - Chipunka


“Just amazing! Anthony's Customs brought my favorite character from Avengers Academy to life with this awesome custom figure. It’s like she jumped off the comic book page and is now standing on my shelf! Can't wait to commission Anthony again for the rest of the team. Great communication and fast shipping. Also, thanks for having the patience to paint all those lines perfectly.”  -  Trevor

Udon Taskmaster v4

“Finally had the chance to get my hands on Udon Taskmaster today and I am more than satisfied. Thank You for painting the seam white last minute. The eye piece is excellent and the variety of weapons makes Taskmaster a well rounded bad ass. Definitely will do business with you again in the near future.”  -  Winston

Magneto v2

“As expected, Anthony killed it gain.  The craftsmanship and quality is truly amazing.  His rendition of Magneto is totally in another class.  The toy companies’ offerings really don't even compare to his work.  His paint apps and assembly of the figures is way above par.  Everything fits together so seamlessly.  He is truly one of the best customizers I have seen.  This is the second of many more commissions from me.  It has truly been a pleasure doing business with him. I’ll always support Anthony, as he is in my opinion, doing "us" the collectors a great service.  Thank you my friend!” -  Lance


 “This is difficult for me, because I cannot think of praise worthy enough of Anthony's amazing craftsmanship.  His work is simply flawless.  When I submitted the commission for Skullomania, I knew without question that Anthony would do a remarkable job.  I had seen the customs on his website and was astonished.  I had never before seen customs with such impeccable attention to detail.  So of course I knew he would render Skullo beautifully.  And the result?  Absolutely beyond my wildest expectations.  Flawless.  Immaculate.  Unparalleled.  The paints are smooth, clean, and vibrant, popping perfectly, making Skullomania truly come to life.  The sculpting?  The finest of craftsmanship.  But what's more:  This is Skullomania not only in sculpt, but also in spirit.  Each time I look at this custom figure, I see the essence of the character.  I cannot thank Anthony enough for his truly extraordinary, excellent work.  If you want a character brought to life, do not hesitate to contact Anthony.”  -  Hicham

The Courier

 “Anthony.... Anthony never fails. When I first suggested the Courier, my own interpretation of the player character from Fallout New Vegas, he politely refused, saying he didn't believe he could do it, nor that it would make a good figure. A few months later, I asked him again to give it a shot, after seeing his work firsthand from my previous commissions. This time, though hesitant, he at least considered it. Finally, I was able to convince him to give the Courier a chance, and behold, not only did he make a good - GREAT - custom figure, he was able to go beyond what I had envisioned. Anthony, I'm sick of hearing you say you can't do something. Your skill is far beyond your years; know that your words betray the ability contained in your hands. Every custom you make exceeds my expectations, and I can never thank you enough for what you do. The Courier's not just my own character from the game, he's also heavily modded!! The Golden Gun, the cigar, hell even his clothing are all downloads and to see my own unique guy brought to life is nothing short of astounding. Let's hope this figure indeed does survive through a nuclear holocaust. Because Anthony..... Anthony never fails. Thanks!!!!”  - Hal


 “Wow. Wow. Wow. I expected Magneto to come out as extraordinary as he did, but I have never been so impressed with a rendition of a classic character as much as I was here. This Magneto is the absolute, undisputed, BEST Magneto action figure ever created. We were going for a more Jim Lee style, imposing look here and you can bet your A** that Anthony accomplished that here! Just looking at the pictures is enough to make your mouth water, so imagine what its like to actually have the figure in your hands! This is just another flawless execution on Anthony's part. With every new custom he creates, Anthony really goes above and beyond the call of duty. I mean, you can really see all the time and effort Anthony put into this figure. This figure will definitely go down in the books as a true, classic custom masterpiece. Great job Anthony! Your work always brings about excellent examples of professionalism and the top quality craftsmanship of a true master. I am always looking forward to your work.”  - Chipunka

Ultimate Red Hulk

 “As we all know, the Hasbro Red Hulk BAF (while it did have its strong points) was overall, an unimpressive figure. The head sculpt on it was the only feature, in my opinion, that really made the character stand out. Having said that, what Anthony did here with Red Hulk, was take that very nice Rulk head sculpt, merge it with the Planet Hulk base body (which is the best Hulk base body ever created), and transform it into his Ultimate Red Hulk masterpiece! This custom is truly, another piece of evidence indicating that Anthony is one of the best, if not the BEST customizer around! This Rulk (much like all of Anthony's customs) looks and feels factory made! This is what a Red Hulk action figure should look like! It is highly detailed, comic accurate, imposing, and just all around awesome! It is everything anyone could ever want in a Marvel Legends style action figure! Thanks Anthony! I am proud to be an owner of another magnificent custom from you!”  -  Chipunka

Spider Man

 “Anthony may not consider this particular piece a true custom, but let me tell you, the minimal work he did on this is a TREMENDOUS improvement on what the original figure looked like! The base figure here is the Urban Legends Box Set Spider-Man. I asked Anthony if he could repaint the eyes somehow, to make it look like the McFarlane style Spider-Man. And accomplish that he did! He does not have pictures up, but I encourage you to go to his YouTube channel to check out what the finished product looks like and the accompanying review. It is absolutely Amazing (pun intended)! Not only did he fully succeed in getting the look I wanted, but he also cleaned up that "way-too-glossy" paint job on the original figure. Thank you so much, Anthony! While you may not consider this a true custom, I will still treat this figure as a beautiful work of art by you!”  - Chipunka

Invisible Felon

“WOW!!! Ok so this is the second figure I've done with Anthony, and this one is different because this character is my original it's my baby. Anthony has brought him to life and he is amazing! From head to toe every specific thing and detail was followed to the letter, nothing was too much for Anthony. He truly is the best at what he does no doubts in my mind. I really am looking forward to our next figure, and to anyone out there if your even thinking about having a custom made go with Anthony you will be happy you did I know I am!” - Michael

X-Force Deadpool v3

 “The figure just arrived and I am honestly blown away and to quote the 9th and 10th Doctors from Doctor Who "Just Fantastic!" "Brilliant!.” The figure captures the character’s likeness perfectly and having the second head was a great idea.  It gives the figure a very comic accurate feel. The figure in person is amazing and you sir, you are the best customizer out there man and I'm being completely serious. From the amount of detail to the pitch perfect paint applications is magnificent. You have a shining talent unrivaled by anyone else and the only thing else I can say is thank you.”  -  Lucas

Bebop and Rocksteady

So Bebop and Rocksteady have been picked up. And, um, HOLY JUMPIN FREAKIN S**TBALLS!! They are fantastic! The two dumbass cronies of the Shredder have never looked so intimidating, so possibly effective as henchmen. Anthony is a genius. The detail, the ever present attention to detail that this guy has never ceases to amaze me. The warts that he took the time to sculpt individually for Rocksteady. The camouflage pants, such a great paintjob. His pockets, sculpted. The horns, redone. The whole head actually, redone. Same with Bebop. I love the jacket, the shells on BOTH the figures. And Bebop actually is sporting some really cool magnet work to keep those chains in place. Really liking the skull necklace with, not sure if it can be seen in the pics, but a little mini hawk Anthony decided to throw in. Anthony, a thousand times over I wish I could do what you do. God has given you a truly remarkable gift and you use it well. So, in a word, how could I possibly describe Bebop and Rocksteady? Awesome? Ostentatious? Righteous? Bossa nova? Chevy nova? You know what? I have always liked.... Cowabunga!”  -  Hal

Red Hood (Marvel Legends Style)

 “Ok I just received the figure in the mail and WOW! I really am speechless; it's truly an amazing work of art. Not only is Anthony a supremely talented custom maker and artist but also was great to work with on coming up with this Red Hood. He executed every detail of the figure perfectly; his attention to detail is just extremely fine! He also was very expedient when exchanging emails which made things even that much more of a great experience. He also was great about keeping me in the loop during the process, detailed pictures, and emails making sure he was doing things 100 percent precise. I'm defiantly looking forward to coming up with another figure with Anthony!” -  Michael

Custom Deadpool

“Anthony is amazing! I had recently purchased a custom Deadpool on eBay (not from Anthony), because I loved the design. However when I got it I was extremely disappointed in the quality and craftsmanship. Paint started chipping before I even had the first pose. I was devastated, but wanted to see this design be realized. I started to do some research, and by that I mean I Googled “best Deadpool Custom figures” Anthony’s site was the first that popped up. I looked through it and couldn’t believe the amazing pictures I saw. So I contacted him, and he got back to me that day! We started emailing back and forth, and he said he could make DP no problem. So I gave him the green light. From there he kept me constantly updated with photos and emails, and worked in my requests as it continued. He then said he was done and shipped my new favorite figure to me. Let me say this, the photos are one thing, but to actually have the figure in your hand is entirely different. It is simply a beautiful piece of art that is totally amazing! Deadpool looks alive. The way he is shadowed, the way his head has the extra articulation from the magnet. It is so lifelike I except him to start arguing with himself and asking for Chimichangas. If I was an action figure I would want to be customized by Anthony. If you are thinking about a custom get Anthony to do it. It will be amazing! And if you aren’t thinking about a custom, you should be! I couldn’t be happier with this figure. I have only had it a day and I already know I am going to enjoy it for a lifetime. Thanks for everything Anthony!” – JT


 “While you’re sitting here reading this, go ahead and do yourself a favor and commission Anthony for a figure.  You will NOT be disappointed.  The pictures do not do them justice and the figures he creates truly are pieces of art.  He is master of his craft and a complete professional.  He kept me informed about every step, sent pictures of the figure in progress, and even let me know the figure had shipped and when to expect it.  The attention to detail and his paint apps are insane!  Seriously I could go on and on.  We are already in talks about another commission and I'll be getting many, many more from him.  So do it already!!! And you'll see what everyone is going crazy about.”  - Lance


 "The third member of our original team. What can I say about Anthony's work that has not been said or expressed already? Anthony has already proven countless times that his level of skill, dedication, and craftsmanship is beyond that of almost all customizers in the customs community. But here, as with the other two members of the team, we are talking about an ORIGINAL figure and character design. Think about that for a minute. This figure does not exist in a comic, video game, t.v. show, movie, literature, or any other form of creative entertainment. This character was created from ideas from two people and brought to life in a figure by one. How many customizers can claim original character designs? A few, but not many. And NONE with the level of skill and execution that Anthony puts into it! K'yra is definitely my second favorite figure by Anthony to date. It was extra special working with Anthony on the creation of this figure. I had much more specifications to this figure than any other I have commissioned thus far. I was adamant about the use and splicing of different parts for this figure and Anthony informed me that he could make no promises, but he would try his best. This meant a lot because Anthony already tries his best with every figure he makes! The end result of K'yra with the incredible use of parts, you can see for yourselves in the pictures. This is a redundant statement but, no, the pictures do not do K'yra justice. She is an absolutely amazing character design and fits in very nicely with the team. As a bonus, Anthony surprised me with the completely original, made-from-scratch, recon style helmet for the figure. That just blew me away. It completely compliments and accentuates the figure in every way. The figure is perfect. I cannot thank Anthony enough for the work he has done. The best I can do is keep coming back for more. I highly recommend Anthony's Customs to anyone looking for a custom figure to be made. You will not be disappointed and you will definitely become addicted!" - Chipunka


 "The second character to our original team is just as magnificent as the first. Every time I look at this figure, I cannot help but think to myself how Bad A$$ he is. I made the absolute right decision in letting Anthony have creative and imaginative freedom with the creation of Vale. There are some aspects of Vale that were not in the original design of the figure, but Vale has without a doubt, turned out to be much better than I could have ever anticipated. It should come as no surprise when I mention how the figure turned out to be a detailed and intricate masterpiece. For those of you who own an Anthony's Custom, you know how true my words are when I say his figures look and feel factory made, if not better! Well, Vale is no exception. For those of you who are looking for the right person to make your custom figure, you had better get on board with Anthony's Customs quick. Because at the rate Anthony is going, with his expanding customer base, you may have to be at the end of a potentially long wait list! Anthony is becoming much more recognized and well-known in the Marvel Legends and customizers community and his work is undisputed proof that he deserves it! Thanks Anthony! I'll keep collecting as long as you keep customizing!" - Chipunka


 "To see a character that both Anthony and I created become a figure is straight up amazing. As with the other commissions Anthony has done for me, to actually hold and inspect the figure in person is completely awe inspiring. Time and time again, Anthony never ceases to surprise me with the flawless executions of his work. I have already come to know what to expect with Anthony's work but I still have extreme difficulty containing my excitement when I get my figures. As for this original character itself, it is on a whole separate level. This has to be my most favorite figure by Anthony to date, including the fact that this is an original design. Working with Anthony on this figure (and the rest of the team) was more than a pleasure. Witnessing the creation of this character from start to finish is really an experience that is unique and one that I hold closely. The end result is beyond spectacular. The detail is flawless, the paint app is masterful, and the little sculpting done on him is so good that you'd think it was factory made! I think the pictures definitely speak for themselves although let me tell you, the pictures do not do this figure (nor any of Anthony's figures) justice. I am proud to have this figure and I am honored to be a repeat customer of Anthony's Customs. Thanks, man! I am always looking forward to your work and your excellent (and professional) figure reviews!" - Chipunka


“I give up. I just don't understand it anymore and I am done trying to wrap my mind around it. Anthony has finished the new Nova figure that's actually for a very good friend of mine. And Nova is one of my least favorite characters, and yet, somehow, this figure is so badass I want to keep the damn thing! I think the guy has a workshop of elves doing the grunt work because this is insanity. The helmet is fantastic, the paint as always masterful. Anthony's talent with these customs is superhuman. Forget Jin. Forget Stevid. Anthony will always get it done and much better than whatever image you had in your head of the final product. Thanks a thousand, Anthony. This is one gift my friend will never forget, and neither will I.”  -  Hal


“Well it has finally happened. Grifter has landed. And dear lord, he is glorious! The weapons, the hair. The hair, sculpted each individually, absolute perfection. The guns, guaranteed to mow down villains of all stripes. Only one custom maker is capable of a character with such fine detail going from the wear on Grifter's coat to the ammo belts crossing his chest. Anthony, you prove time and again that our faith in you is easily well placed. You devote so much energy and so much care into making sure we get exactly what we paid for. There is never anything negative to say about the figures you have made, and as a frequent customer I know for a fact you are dedicated to making your customers happy. It escapes me how you can get this kind of work done in so little time. Grifter's mask, brilliantly executed. The paint, spot on as always. The meticulous detail on his hair is one of a kind, and Anthony is the one to do it. Take it from me, throw whatever you can at him, it will always come back even better than you had hoped. Let's scratch off the next one from the list, bud. And thanks a thousand at least once more, as always.”  -  Hal


“I always want a custom Deadpool but didn't know who I can trust to get the job done right.   Initially, I was apprehensive but after reading some of the testimonials and seen some of the work on Anthony's website, I was convinced that Anthony would be the right person to customize Deadpool.  I contacted Anthony and he responded back saying he would accept the job.  Through out the whole process, Anthony kept me updated with photos and emails that showed his work of art and professionalism.  In my opinion, Anthony is a master of his craft, staying true to his words and works.

Anthony, you were right about not being disappointed with Deadpool and it does look even better in person:)  It's been a pleasure doing business with you and will definitely be doing more business in the future. Thank you for a wonderful and amazing job on Deadpool.”  -  Long

X-Force Deadpool 2

 “With so many customizers out there creating amazing renditions of Deadpool, Anthony has quite possibly made one of the best ones out there.  From detail to impeccable paint apps; it is virtually flawless.  I've always admired his work but to have a one of a kind custom in hand, lets just say beyond expectations.  And communication with the customer always a great bonus!  Take note Hasbro!  That is how an action figure is done!”  -  Chris


 “How does he do it? It seems as though no matter what idea I throw at Anthony to try and challenge him, he crushes it every time. What's more, while Nightcrawler and Earthworm Jim took a good amount of time to complete, Shredder was done in just under a week and still matches the quality and greatness of the other two. Anthony, your skills are something to be envied, and also spotlighted. This Shredder hearkens back to the days of the old cartoon, while still maintaining the Shredder's true menace and bad-assery (I know, not a word). His mask removable, his spikes convincing, this is one Shredder that may indeed finally dine on turtle soup. Grifter is up next, and then I believe the true challenge awaits our good friend Anthony. But while most people would say "hope you're up for the challenge", I know very well Anthony is ready to take it on and come out on top. Cheers, my friend, and thanks!”  -  Hal

X-Force Psylocke

 "This Psylocke figure was a custom made by customizer, but Anthony maintained his class and professionalism and never spoke negatively about that customizer's work; although I did constantly. When I commissioned Anthony to basically revamp this entire figure into my image of X-Force Psylocke, I had these ideas in my head about what head to use, how I wanted the body and costume to look, etc. Needless to say, I was much too eager about my ideas being put into this figure. Again, Anthony maintained his air of professionalism and kindly offered his suggestions and opinions about why most of my ideas would actually hinder the figure rather than facilitate it. When he offered me alternatives to what I originally wanted, you bet I considered them seriously. I have no regrets about that and once again, I was just blown away by the end result. The head, while not my original choice, turned out to be better than I could have ever imagined. I always try to push for comic-accuracy when I commission figures and this rendition of X-Force Psylocke meets and exceeds that expectation. Leave it to Anthony to turn something I considered to be trash into a thing of beauty and excellence. When I say that Anthony's customs are the best there is, I mean it. This Psylocke is no exception. This is the best X-Force Psylocke I have seen and I have Anthony to thank for it."   - Chipunka

X-Force Deadpool

"I may have said this before, but I will say it again: Anthony makes the BEST Deadpool action figures I have ever seen! There is no argument that Anthony's work surpasses that of most other customizers. This particular rendition of X-Force Deadpool is not in the comic-accurate white and black costume, but nonetheless is the best X-Force Deadpool custom out there. I am a big fan of the Uncanny X-Force storyline, but honestly, what were the creators thinking when they decided on white for some the costumes, namely Deadpool and Fantomex. Anthony's gritty version of this character is an example of what it should be in the comics. My favorite aspect of this Deadpool has to be the eyes. I cannot get over how that and just the head in general, of this figure accentuates Deadpool's look so well. I already know to expect nothing short of spectacular with Anthony, but that still does nothing to suppress my surprise and excitement every time Anthony produces another custom." - Chipunka 

X-Force Wolverine

 "When you look at Anthony's X-Force Wolverine, you immediately recognize the value of something that has been expertly constructed. Anthony's use of skill and imagination in this project is really beyond what I can explain with words. I have no way of emphasizing how phenomenal Anthony's work is without just saying it. The intricate detail of every part of this figure makes it worth every penny. This figure is immaculate and masterfully crafted and there is no doubt about it. This is a custom that must be appreciated (as does all of Anthony's work, mind you) because of the time and effort put into it. The real issue we had with this figure was finding out what head to use. I have to commend Anthony for being so patient with me every time I suggested a head to use. He was constantly giving me feedback on what would or would not work, until we finally decided on the right head to use. And let me tell you, listening to Anthony's suggestions is one of the best things you could possibly do when it comes to customizing figures. He knows his craft and is an undisputed professional at it. The pictures of the end product of X-Force Wolverine that you see online does not do the figure justice. Although, this particular Wolverine is not accurate scale-wise with other ML figures, I am confident when I state that this has to be one of the best Wolverine action figures out there."   -  Chipunka


 "The brilliance of Anthony's work shines out again with yet another fabulous custom. This Nightwing is by far the best Nightwing action figure out there; better than any other custom NW or factory made one. When I commissioned Anthony for this particular piece, I told him that, in terms of style, I wanted it to be as precise as possible to the DCUC one. Anthony did more than what I asked. Not only did he produce what I asked for, but he did it in such a way that makes this custom a distinctive Nightwing action figure. It really is a flawless piece. A more than perfect rendition of Nightwing as a character and action figure."  - Chipunka

Battle Ready Deadpool

"Ever since I immersed myself into the world of custom action figures, I've discovered that there is a real question about what constitutes craftsmanship. For me, it is an object that is passionately crafted, built with care and pride, and is presented in such a was that befits a marvelously well-made item. Anthony more than accomplishes that with Battle-Ready Deadpool. I have never seen the end result of the construction of Deadpool figures executed with the level of attentiveness and distinction as Anthony uses; and as all of you know, there is an ample amount of Deadpool customs out there. I can say this with the utmost confidence that Anthony is (much like Wolverine) the best there is at what he does. Deadpool is now among the handful of customs I own from Anthony and he is far from being the last. Although I want to thank the original owner for putting this Deadpool up on ebay, I have to berate this person for even thinking of selling it! Whatever the circumstances were for it, I am eternally grateful. I gained a true treasure and if you own a custom from Anthony, you have too. Thanks Anthony! I will be looking forward to more of your work!"  - Chipunka

Earthworm Jim v2

 “Yet again, Anthony's work on Earthworm Jim surpasses far and beyond what I had envisioned. From the smallest details like the lines on his gloves and the look and feel of Jim's gun, to the magnetic detachable head and of course, his old friend Snot slyly peaking out from the backpack, this is truly a job well done. Worth every cent. Thanks a thousand again Anthony, I can't wait for Shredder!”  -  Hal

AoA Nightcrawler

 “Anthony got in touch with me literally minutes after submitting my idea on his site for a custom Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler, one of the coolest looks everyone's favorite teleporting mutants has ever sported. By doing so, he showed me the first of many positive points - he is extremely good at getting back to people. We discussed the particulars and later discovered we live 20 minutes away from each other. That satisfies convenience for the both of us. After meeting with him, giving him the deposit and the base figure, and spending a few hours conversing about some other great ideas we both had, common interests, and the future of this project, I learned probably the most important thing, even more important than the final product - Anthony is a great guy. He proved he was honest, dedicated to his craft, and very welcoming of ideas. We parted ways and kept in contact through email and text during the process of the custom. He'd ask for my preferences, whether or not armor and paint should look a certain way, and I gave him some reference while also giving him some room to play around a bit and take some liberties. I am very happy that he did so, because this figure turned out PHENOMENAL. AoA Nightcrawler is now standing proudly among the rest of my Nightcrawler collection. His armor looks like a very healthy medium of shining and worn, the right way for armor to look in a dystopian future. The mark on his eye is a wonderful commentary on Anthony's attention to detail, his work and his character is top notch. I would say my favorite part of this figure are AoA Nightcrawler's trademark gauntlets, spiking out in a way that says "don't mess with me." The sword is a nice touch as well, speaking to Kurt's passion for swashbuckling. I believe a fellow customer, Hans, says it best when he says that Anthony's attention to detail borders on nit-picking. He is absolutely right, and I for one wouldn't have it any other way. It's his form of dedication to the project and making his customer the best figure he can make. It is perfect timing for my birthday, he's the best character Marvel has, and I very much look forward to working with Anthony again. 10/10, 5 stars, 100% the real deal. Anthony, I thank you very much for this Nightcrawler figure.”  -  Hal

Red Hood

  “I just got my Red Hood figure today, and I couldn't be more overjoyed at the arrival of this figure. When I initially heard that there was even a possibility that this figure could be made, I was already pretty psyched. But as the concept of the Red Hood figure came to form in my head, so too did he manifest in the workshop. Thanks to Anthony's immense skill at customization, the vision in my head of the perfect Red Hood figure became a reality. Like a solidified thought. That's how true he stuck to my personal design specifics. He kept me updated and always returned contact in a timely fashion, and was very professional. The price may SEEM a bit steep, but is actually more than fair for a figure of this quality and type. Just think: a one-of-a-kind figure for your collection built to your exact specifications (which for me, borders on nit-pickiness, but that never became a problem for Anthony) that no one else in all the world will ever have? The price is right, friends.

   Beyond that, the figure himself is absolutely stunning. The paint apps are crisp, clean, and vibrant and he looks absolutely perfect, from the glossy red on his helmet giving it just the right armor look to the the red detail on the back of his heel. What can I say? Jason Todd is sexy, and with this figure, he's never looked sexier. He looks amazing fantastic next to the rest of my DC figure collection, and he absolutely completes (with flying colors, I might add) the Bat-Family. I am very proud to be the owner of this highly coveted Red Hood.

    If you have any figure you want made, and don't want to wait for it to grace the pegs, put in a call to Anthony. He's by far the best customizer around and will definitely do justice to any figure you can imagine. Thanks”.  -  Hans


"I don't know where to start with this figure. It is f***ing amazing! X-23 is my favorite female Marvel character but has nothing to do with the fact that this IS the BEST X-23 ever created and probably still will be, no matter who creates another. This figure is by far my most favorite one that Anthony has created to date. This X-23 was a precious treasure to me from the moment I had her in my hands. I was speechless when I saw the pics, I was speechless when I first took her out of her packaging, and I am still speechless now. Let that illustrate just how phenomenal this custom is. 

On top of that, Anthony was excellent and professional throughout the entire process. He was in constant contact with me and was always updating me on his progress via email and high quality pictures. He always asked my opinion on what he was doing and offered helpful suggestions to me at times. I greatly appreciated this, because I felt like I was a part of the customization process. I felt as if I was creating the figure with him. Those of you who have experienced this with Anthony know how great a feeling that is. Anthony, in my opinion, is the best customizer around. I highly recommend him to anyone who has customization needs for their action figures."  -  Chipunka

Daken v2

"When I saw the first Daken figure that Anthony created, I knew I had to have one. I have seen other customs of Daken online and a few in person, and let me tell you, not a single one comes close to the quality of craftsmanship I see in Anthony's Daken. Just by looking at the pictures of Anthony's Daken, you can tell it is far superior to any other Daken made to date. When Anthony first put up the pictures of Daken v2, I was in awe. It was essentially the same figure as the first Daken but Anthony made it unique enough so that I could see the differences between the two; from the emphasized claws, to the slight difference in the coloration of the two. I can go all day talking about how incredible Anthony's work is. You will never be disappointed and you will be wanting to come back for more!"  -  Chipunka


Ultimate Incredible Hulk

“What can i say? …f$&%ing WOW!!! Anthony never ceases to amaze me with each Hulk! Each one is unique and nothing less than brilliant! Color me astonished and ready for more!! BRING THEM ON!!!!! Thanks again bro!”  -  Ronny

Udon Taskmaster v2

 “I just received the Taskmaster custom figure that you sent me and I wanted to let you know that this is one of the best custom figures I've seen! The effort you put in the figure shows. The detail and the durability of the paint-job on the figure is just amazing.  I also appreciate you keeping me updated on the progress of the figure and asking for my input meet my needs.  Keep up the great work and I am planning on ordering some more figures in the future.”  -  Arthur

Armory Deadpool

 “This is seriously the best action figure I have ever laid my eyes on.  The detail amount is just amazing. I love the black effect on the body. This is the ultimate Deadpool… a Deadpool fan can just dream of the figure.  Also the extra bonus figures were very enjoyable and fun! I hope to buy more from you Anthony. It’s sure as hell worth any penny.
The accessories were just amazing. The level of detail even put into the accessories was just mind blowing. None of the pictures did the figure and its accessories justice.
It’s like a dream come true in plastic form, I can't imagine any better version of Deadpool, it is literally impossible...
This is only a short version of my opinion on the figure, I could continue for hours but I just want to spare you from 5 hours of brag about a figure you will never obtain.
If you like highly detailed, articulated and durable custom action figures that blows your mind entirely and beats every company order from Anthony's Customs. Trust me you won't get  disappointed.”
  -  Toby

New Gambit v2

 " I just got my Gambit (new Gambit v2) in the mail today, and I was literally speechless when I opened the package. I was completely awestruck. Before I even picked the figure up, I knew it was amazing. The attention to detail is phenomenal! If you read others' testimonials, they say that it looks as if the figures have been taken straight out of the pages of a comic book. I could not agree more. From coloring/shading of his coat, to the very fine details of his hair and face, Gambit is an extraordinary design. Toy Biz has nothing on this imagine what I have to say about Hasbro... There is no other Gambit that could even come close to what this one looks like. The craftsmanship of the work put into this is more than words can describe. Anthony put his all into this figure and I have no doubt he does the same to all his other customs and ones that will be made in the future. I am so happy that he put this figure up on eBay. If not, I would have never known that such a fantastic customizer existed! For anyone who is looking for someone to customize a figure, you have come to the right guy! You will be astonished and thoroughly impressed by his work. I was so impressed by just the pictures of Gambit that I already commissioned Anthony for TWO more figures!! Thanks Anthony, you have a new permanent customer!”  -  Chipunka

Ultimate Movie Hulk

 “All I can say is effin WOW! This customizer is a pro at what he does. He captured the look of this Hulk to the "t"! I’m so happy I could bust! Lol Thanks so much and I will be coming back for more!! Starting to seem like crack instead of custom figures! Lol :)”  -  Ronny


 “I can only say one thing regarding this figure of Daken and that word is "wow!"  This guy really captured the likeness of my boy Daken.  It would appear that he was ripped straight outta the pages and put into plastic. I don’t think the people that make the marvel legends figures can match this customizers skill lol. As for the maker himself, he’s a pretty cool dude, takes the time to get what you want right and really listens to what the customer wants and is willing to give you advice on other projects (should you be a customizer yourself) but that’s beside the point. All and all I had a great experience having this figure made and I’m very pleased with the result.  I would highly recommend his work.” - V

Ultimate Grey Hulk

“When i received my new Custom Ultimate Gray Hulk, i was blown away! WOW! This is the best custom Hulk i have seen in a long time!! I couldnt believe my eyes. The ripped pants, detailed paint apps, and textures are fantastic!! The back pockets were a nice touch! Awe struck is the best way to describe my feelings for my new custom. Man has some serious skills and i will be definitely coming back for more customs!! Highly recommended!! Keep up the awesome work man!!! :D”  -  Ronny S.


“I just received my Demona action figure today, and she is gorgeous. Perfectly sculpted, beautifully painted. Probably the best looking action figure I've ever had. She arrived very well packed, and none of the photos really did her justice. Anthony, himself, was nothing but a pleasure to do business with. He put a lot of time and effort into Demona, and it paid off. I couldn't be happier with this figure. Demona is my favorite character in the realm of fiction, so I had high expectations for this, which were not only met but exceeded. I showed photos of her to "Gargoyles" creator, Greg Weisman and he said, and I quote, "It's great. I'm jealous." Thank you, Anthony.”  -  Greg B.

Scorpion v2

 “This scorpion custom is by far the best figure in my collection, I own several extremely nice customs and yours is superior to my others. I have never seen sculpting like this before; to say that the sculpting and other modifications made on this figure are "amazing" would be an understatement. This figure is like a piece of fine art.  As a seller, you were flexible with the price of the figure, you shipped it as soon as I bought it, and needless to say I've never received a written letter with the purchase of a custom before, which added a nice personal touch to the purchase. Thank you so much I look forward to buying more figures from you in the near future.”  -  Kyle M.

MvC3 Hulk

 “When I got the figure it was even better then i expected.  Definitely the best hulk I now own.  Just holding it you can see the amount of work put into every detail.  The figure is beautiful.  The amount of work put into it really shows.  I will be back for more and definitely will tell my friends.  Thanks Tony.”  -  Joel

Scarlet Spider v2

"I recently purchased a Scarlet Spiderman custom from Anthony and all I can say is wow!! The detail is amazing, swappable hoods, magnetized head and amazing sculpt/paint work. To make it even better, one week after receiving the figure, I'm playing around with him and I realize he also has magnetized feet and can wall crawl on metal objects, double WOW!!" - Michael

MvC3 Deadpool

“I recently ordered a custom Deadpool from Anthony, seeing his previous work I knew it would be great. I told him to do with it what he may, and I must say, once again, I’m completely impressed. Simple, clean, and amazing. This Deadpool will compliment my collection well.” - Mike

Classic Deadpool

“Yea yea yea, I know what you all are thinking. Another Deadpool figure? And the answer is YES!!!! I mean just one glance at Anthonys recent Deadpool figures only leaves you thinking one of two things, " I want one " or better yet " I need one " .. So I had him make me one down to my exact specifications and details and the final result was just purely another great piece of art and a very highly collectible for life. The figure itself looks great, the paint job is down to the finest detail, the shoulder rig is by far the coolest feature i have ever seen on any action figure, the holsters all look real and let’s face it those sheaths on him will make just about any Deadpool fan jealous who doesn't own this piece lol The weapons all have a realism to them I didn't even know existed when it came to toys, so it just shows you how amazing Anthony’s paint jobs are.

 Now I didn't get the chance of owning one of those amazing weapons cases Anthony makes ( the ones he carves out so each gun sits in snug as if it was a real high quality weapons case ) since he didn't have any left, but if you know anything about those cases and the line of toys they come from then you know how hard they are to come by in the US. He did however throw in a different weapons case for me which also looks great, so Anthony still went above and beyond for me when I explained what I wanted from him. To top it all off was the price, very reasonable and honestly I probably should have paid him more lol and compared to the Deadpool Jin just sold on eBay for a completely outrageous figure i would still take the one Anthony made me 10 out of 10 times. Not that his figure wasn’t amazing ( Jin’s ), but the one Anthony made me looks as if Deadpool came alive and was a real person putting on the costume and then gearing up for war!

I really couldn't be happier with the work he put into this figure for me, I will definitely be back for more with this kind of quality and dedication down to even the slightest detail. So if you want a custom figure just drop him a line, he always responds quickly and is full of information. I don't doubt that he will blow you away with whatever figure you wanted from him. Other than that I am completely satisfied and thanks again Ant, your work never fails to impress! I'll be back for more lol. Mark these words!!!” -Pistol P

Blue Brute Bodyguard

 “This is one amazing figure    Anthony here is an artist at repaints.  Everything about this figure is just jaw dropping!  The paint job is really beautiful when I hold it in the sun light very shiny and metallic. So anyone out there that needs an awesome custom figure for your collection, Anthony here can surely help you with that.  He’s awesome and trustful.  Thank you so much Anthony. I am pleased to have such awesome looking figure in my collection. I will be back for more. :)” - Adam

Udon Taskmaster

 “The figure that Anthony made for me is absolutely incredible. The amount of detail including sculpted parts and magnetic accessories is astounding. This is the second figure that Anthony has made for me and once again he put in great effort to ensure that the customer was getting what they wanted. Anthony even made an attachable translucent yellow shield accessory to go along with my figure, and also a wrist device piece. He also made a removable hood and a second removable hood piece for when he is not wearing it over his head but instead resting behind the characters head  the way a real hooded sweatshirt would look. Anthony was always available for questions and showed frequent progress pictures. If you want an action figure that goes above and beyond your expectations then Anthony’s Custom Figures is the place to go. He has proven that to me for the second time and I’m sure he will for the next figure I ask him to do. The Udon Taskmaster figure is AMAZING!!!. Thanks Again!” - Kyle

Traditional Hulk 2

"The figure is amazingly crafted… showing every minute detail of Hulk… the muscles, the veins… The whole thing is far beyond my expectations…  I’m really very impressed. Furthermore, your way of dealing with customers like me was great… keeping me posted on each phase of the process of making the Hulk.  I really appreciate your usual prompt response to all my queries. I would certainly place again an order of other action figures from you." - Asaad


 “I purchased the Reptile figure you see in the bottom right corner of the banner on this site. As great as it looks there, it's even more impressive in person.  As soon as I opened it and took it out of the box I knew it was worth the price tag. The detail is ridiculous and it sits atop my book shelf in the open where it's received praise from even non collectors.  A great seller every step of the way.  You won't be disappointed with anything this man does, I can't wait to buy another one.  Many thanks.” – Gabe C.

Dan Hibiki

"The pictures look good, but when you see his work in person, it's amazing. The craftsmanship is superior to the rest." - Dan

Movie Inspired Hulk

 “I wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on the Hulk figure that I won on Ebay. The shipping was extremely reasonable and the packaging job you did was perfect. The customized Hulk figure as a whole is simply the best customizing job I have ever seen on a figure. I have bought and collected countless customized figures and yours are by far the best I have seen. Your attention to detail is at the very top of its game. I look forward to seeing what future customized figures you come up with. Keep up the magical work, you are truly a talented artist.” – E. Barnes


"Link is a work of art. He is very easily put into life like poses. His head is on a magnet and although it is not removed easily it does allow the head to be put into positions that give him expression. This is no longer a toy but a treasure. The accessories, sword, shield,
bow, arrow and an imitation rock (for a prop) add realistic play and of course he will always be one of a kind. Beautifully done!"

Close Quarters Deadpool

"Pure Art,Beautiful detailing, well packed, and arrived quickly. Highly Recommended" - bayeli1984


"Great Seller. Quick shipping, good communication, will buy from again. A+ Thanks." - Monix24

Scarlet Spider

“What can say about this item, other than when I first saw it I knew I had to own it. It is 100 times better than any Scarlet Spider figure sold by the big toy manufactures. The work done on this figure was amazing and the attention to detail really brought the character to life! Working with the creator was an absolute pleasure. He responded to all my questions super fast and was always polite and never complained. The figure was shipped super fast and arrived as agreed. I really loved this character and was so mad when they killed him off but now he will live forever in my display case.  I’d love to see more of your work and purchase some as well. Thanks for the great piece of work.” - Angel

Battle Ready Deadpool

 “I received the figure and it is AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much. You are a great master of doing figures, unique and real collectibles. My respect for you =)” - Deadpool X

Cyber Leader

“Working with Anthony was great. Even though the job I commissioned him for was merely a minor paint alteration on an existing figure, he never treated it lightly. Quite the opposite: Anthony was a total professional throughout every step of the process and treated the job like it was very important to him.

He asked for a great amount of detail from me as to what I wanted to ensure he did the job right. He also constantly kept me informed of his progress via email and high-res pictures and was more than happy to answer my many questions. He did the job fast and only mailed the figure back to me once he was sure I was completely satisfied with his work.

As I said, the paint job I needed was minor but required work on a very small, tight area, and Anthony proved to have a steady hand and an eye for detail. I highly recommend him for all your action figure customizing needs.” - Chris


"Many thanks for your business.  The figure is excellent.  I hope to deal with you again!" - Flight2nrt

Earthworm Jim

“Hi. I have just bought an Earthworm Jim figure from Anthony and would recommend anybody to buy a custom made figure from him as the detail in this figure is spot on and of the highest quality and I am delighted to add it to my collection.  I will be getting Anthony to customize me another figure in the near future.  I would also like to add that the service that Anthony gives is second to none.  He gives you a figure that is unbelievable.  You have to see it to believe it and he does not mess with you about with the shipping of his figures !! So thank you for my custom figure! Kind regards.” - Gary

Battle Hardened Deadpool

"Great Custom Figure & Great Seller - Would Recommend to Anyone !!!" - Hokietect

2nd Red Hulk

 “I just got my custom Red Hulk and wow it is incredible.  No pun intended. Ii already had the build-a-figure Red Hulk and in a side by side comparison, Anthony win's.  Thanks dude.  I will be back for more.” - Joel

Deejay v3

 “This figure was expertly crafted and it was noticeable that the creator spent much time, and patience on this work of art. Expensive as it was, it was worth every penny if you ask me. He really captured the essence of the jolly Dee Jay character and wisely picked a great starting frame for the figure using the NECA Ken model. Highly recommended creator! Job well done sir. You're the f'n man!!! You have to make more! Yes Yes Yes!”  - Mark


“Anthony has done it again!  If you want an action figure with all the extras (accessories, weapons, etc) look no further.  Blacklash has a lot of little details to him that most custom action figure makers leave out.  Anthony nailed every single one of the details on Blacklash.  The little things make the biggest difference, and I am thrilled with my new custom Blacklash made by Anthony.  It is a real beauty!” - Dusty 


“Nothing less than the best quality!  From head to toe, the custom Boomerang figure by Anthony resembles the unique villain from the Spider-Man comics.  Anthony even went above and beyond and made an alternate head that has the the same angry, teeth gritting, sinister expression that Boomerang has from the comics.  The detail is more than impressive!  The paint job is excellent, and the boomerang weapons are perfect.  He even custom-designed the hands to hold the Boomerangs.  And just like a Boomerang, I will surely come right back and have Anthony make me more of the best customs out there!” - Dusty 

Classic Grey Hulk

 “Well,ladies and gentlemen, I'm back.  This time I’m with Classic Grey Hulk.  What a masterpiece it is.  Sculpted and crafted to capture that classic look.  It's as if he leaped right out of the pages of the comics and right on to my shelf.  Again,I'd like to say thanks to Anthony for bringing to realization these custom hulks.  For without you, they never would have been so incredibly made. Thanks.” - Ken

Raging Hulk

“Hello again, Ken is back.I'm here to tell you about another great piece from Anthony Customs.That's right Anthony has made another masterpiece for me.This time it's Raging Hulk.A magnificent paint job combined with a masterful sculpt.Makes this a true masterpiece.One of the best custom hulks I've ever laid eyes on.Working with Anthony is a true pleasure.As always,thank you Anthony!!!!” - Ken

Classic Retro Hulk

“Hi, I'm back…Ken is here with another testimonial for Anthony. This time it’s for Classic Retro Hulk. This is the seventh hulk Anthony has done for me. Like always, its quality is second to none. This masterfully crafted custom was done in honor of the classic style hulk. Anthony's work is outstanding. His dedication to the customer is astounding. This is a true work of art. As always, thanks, Anthony.” - Ken

Deejay v2

"Anthony's custom figures are indisputably unbeatable.  I am a Street Fighter action figure collector, and sadly, none of the major toy companies have ever made a Dee Jay action figure.  Because Dee Jay is my favorite, I had to have him to round out my collection.  I bought a couple of customs from other makers and was never completely satisfied with the work or likeness of the figure.  However, with Anthony's custom, I was more than satisfied.  I was ecstatic!  Just look at the pictures for starters.  The detail on the Dee Jay that Anthony made me is impeccable, it looks exactly like the Dee Jay from the newest game, down to the T!  He also doesn't just look like a toy, he looks VERY LIFE LIKE. He fits in perfectly with the rest of my action figure collection.  Detail, detail, DETAIL. Wow, I can't stress the outstanding detail on the custom Dee Jay figure. PURE PERFECTION!  If you want MAXIMUM quality in your custom figure for a reasonable, affordable price buy from Anthony!" - Dusty

Grey Hulk v2

"Fantastic work came from Anthony when I saw his work on and felt he could finally give me the Grey Hulk I've always wanted but never got because marvel never made it. The paint was excellent and looks as if the Grey Hulk came out of the comic to live in my home. Will definitely be back for more. Thanks,  Anthony!" - Joel


"This figure is awesome. It's a great addition to my collection." - pumpkindg

Phantom (Customer Creation)

“Anthony made me a one of a kind custom action figure. The custom he made was amazing. It was an original character of mine so Anthony put in great understanding, and suggestions to make sure the figure turned out the way I wanted it to. Anthony even made complicated, intricately detailed accessories to go along with my figure. Dealing with Anthony was a pleasure, he was always available for questions and showed frequent progress pictures. The next time I want a custom action figure made I’ll come to Anthony’s Custom Action Figures. The figure is truly incredible. Thanks” - Kyle

House of M Hulk

 “Well it's time for another testimonial. This is my sixth and it is as deserving as the first. House of M Hulk is simply amazing. Rich color and masterful sculpting make for a masterpiece. The hand-painted tattoos are so good. You’d think it was done by a machine. This figure was carefully crafted by Anthony with great detail. So as usual you're getting the best that money can buy. Well done Anthony. Thanks!” - Ken

Maestro Hulk

“Hi. I'm back with another testimonial. This time it’s for Maestro Hulk. Anthony has truly out done himself. This Maestro Hulk is the best I've ever seen. The craftsmanship and paint apps are second to none. This is a true work of art. Simply amazing Anthony!!!!!!! This is incredible.  You're on a whole other level!!!!!!! Thanks” - Ken


"This is my first of potentially many customs from Anthony and I got exactly what I asked for: Jago. Not just a ML figure with some paint slapped on it, but a CUSTOM!!! I am "hella" satisfied. I`m amazed with everything from the sculpt of the hair, to the details on the sandals. In addition to making superb customs, he makes happy customers too: Discusses every aspect of the figure (details, length of time, etc), responds quickly to all messages, frequent updates as he works, flexible with payments, yadda-yadda-yadda... I don’t think I could say anymore to show how happy of a customer I am. Just check the guy out already!!!"          - Adonnus

Savage Hulk

"Hey, Ken here with my fourth testimonial for my fourth custom hulk.This time it's Savage Hulk!!!!Anthony has done it again!!!!Another masterpiece carefully crafted.With the care and understanding that a true custom maker should have.Anthony not only cares about your custom figure as much as you do.He actually helps you improve upon your own idea.Making your figure better than you could have ever imagined!!!So in the words of the great Stan Lee,"excelsior"!!!!!!Which means onward and upward to higher things!!!!Up next is custom #5 the Maestro Hulk." - Ken

Smart Hulk

"Hi, I'm Ken and back again to give another testimonial to a well deserving guy.  Anthony has done another custom for me; a custom Smart Hulk and as usual, the craftsmanship and customer care were superb.  I would not trust anyone else to do my figures.  Red Hulk, Grey Hulk, Smart Hulk and many more to come.  Outstanding!!!! Awesome!!!! Amazing!!!! The paint app, the clear gloss for the eyes, and the head is perfect and the way he did the pants is outstanding.  This figure is beyond words. I can't wait for the Savage Hulk."  - Ken


"Anthony is an incredible customizer who puts a lot of detail into his work and it shows.  He is also a great person to deal with and his service is exceptional just like his customs.  I am very pleased with the Gambit figure and hope to see more of his work in the future.  I would definitely do business with Anthony again and would recommend him to anyone.  Thank you." - Mike

Custom Deadpool V2

"I've been seeing Anthony's customs on ebay for some time now and knew sooner or later he'd come up with one I had to have.  He went beyond what some of the top and well known customizers offer, and I can guarantee he'll continue to do so because the end results are amazing.  He also gave me a great deal and was very easy to work with.  I look forward to seeing all future creations by Anthony's Customs.  Thanks again ;)" - Bret

Grey Hulk

"Anthony is an exceptional custom maker.  He has made me two figures so far.  A Red Hulk and  a Grey Hulk.  The craftsmanship is superb.  Anthony is a joy to work with.  I am always satisfied and ready for the next custom.  Thanks." - Ken

Classic Gambit

"This version of Gambit is extremely impressive and I couldn't be more pleased with this figure.  Anthony is not only a top-notch craftsman, but he's also a first-class great guy to deal with.  Jump on the bandwagon as soon as you can!!!"  - Nick

ODST Mickey

"I had a really good experience with Anthony.  His figure is great, he got all the details perfect and put a great deal of effort into my figure.  He was great at responding to my questions and is very nice.  I am thrilled with my custom figure and would recommend Anthony to anyone!"  - Benjamin


"Your custom Gambit figure is an awesome and unique creation.  The sculpted parts and especially the jacket and body.  I wasn't satisfied with the store bought version and was hoping to get a one of a kind custom that no one else has.  Thanks!" - Reg

Red Hulk

"I think my Red Hulk custom is the best Red Hulk Custom ever.  The sculpt and paint job is the best hands down. It looks as if it came right out of the comics.  To me, it looks better than the BAF Red Hulk.  The colors are rich and the details superb.  You will be amazed by the details. Thanks." - Ken

12" Red Spartan

"I have been doing custom action figures for over 15 years and after seeing some of Anthony's work, I wanted to have him do a piece for me.  I was very impressed by the clean, detailed lines he does.  He has an eye for this kind of medium and it's fun watching what he comes up with next.  His work is never boring.  I'm honored to have his work in my personal collection." - Dean


"I got this really nice custom paint job by Anthony. It was a great deal and the paint job is excellent. The markings are those of a character from a Halo fanfiction I wrote and I am currently sending a second ODST to him to get painted as well. The job was excellent as is his communication and turn-around time. A++ Customizer!" - Margras


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